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Gr√∏nnsakskutter, opptil 450kg/t, CA-31 Sammic

Maskinen leveres med motorblokk, og matetopp (286cm2). Ekskl. kniver og skiver

  • Kapasitet: 150-450kg/t, En hastighet
  • Effekt: 550W/1
  • Dim: 389x405x544
Produktnummer: saca-31

ekskl. mva.

Single-speed motor block + Regular hopper.


A perfect cut

  • High precision adjustments to obtain a uniform and excellent-quality cut.
  • It can be fitted with a wide range of discs and grids of the highest cutting quality. Combining these accessories together to obtain more than 70 different types of cuts and grating grades.

Built to last

  • Made from stainless steel and food-grade materials of the highest quality: stainless steel motor block and food-grade aluminium head.
  • High power asynchronous motor.

Maximum comfort for the user

  • Ergonomic design: product sliced in one single movement.
  • Lateral product output: requires less space on the worktop and guides the product, avoiding splashes.
  • The electronic command panel is very intuitive.

Maintenance, safety, hygiene

  • Lever and lid easily removable for cleaning purposes.
  • Combination of safety systems: head, cover, power switch.
  • Appliance certified by NSF International (regulations on hygiene, cleaning and materials suitable for contact with foods).
  • 100% tested

Lang Mater, lange gr√∏nnsaker CA-31/41/62 Sammic

Ideell mater for lange grønnsaker, 2 tuber komplett med pusher, rustfri utf.
  • Passer CA-31/41/62