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Pizzabenk, Kj√∏lt Kompakt, L=1800, EMPZ2-180 Fagor

Kompakt pizzakjøledisk/smøredisk med 3 dører, kjølt garnityr (9stk 1/3gn).

  • Temp. område: 2 - +8grC
  • Kjølemedie: R-290
  • Effekt: 522W
  • Dim: 1800x700x850
Produktnummer: faempz2-180

ekskl. mva.

- High quality austenitic stainless steel AISI-  304 inside and outside

- Built-in ingredients unit.

- 50 mm, 40 kg/m3 injected polyurethane insulation.

- Forced draught cooling system inside the room.

- Copper piping and aluminium flaps evaporator.

- Digital display for electronic and digital control of temperature and defrosting.

- Opened door delay alarm.

- Easier loading and unloading thanks to its door self-closing and stay open features.

- Removable and height adjustable plastic covered steel shelves for easy cleaning.

- Equipment per door: 1 grid and 2 sets of height adjustable tray slides.

- Inner drainage to get rid of waste waters.

- Embedded bottom and curved panels inside for easy cleaning and maintenance.

- Height adjustable stainless steel legs.

- Working temperature i cold storage: +2 ºC, +8 ºC (room temperature: 38 ºC).

GN-Rist Epoxy, 1/1GN Tilbeh√∏r GN benker Fagor

Standard Epoxy belagt 1/1 GN rist til Fagor kjølebenker