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Showcase Sushi, kjølerenne, buet glass, L=1380mm EVTP-139 C Sushi Fagor

Kjølerenne for eksponering av sushi, buet glass, skyvedører 1 side, Statisk kjøling over slynger under. Kapasitet 6stk 1/3x40mm

  • Temp.område: -1 - +2grC (rom 27grC)
  • Kjølemedie: R-600a
  • Effekt: 82W
  • Dim: 1380x415x278
Produktnummer: faevtp-139c-sushi

ekskl. mva.

- Perforated stainless steel inner tray for food.

- Anodised aluminium outside panels.

- Glass with PVC on the sides.

- Curved glass cover and glass sliding doors.

- 40 kg/m3 injected polyurethane insulation. CFC free.

- Static cooling system.

- Double built-in evaporation system by means of bottom tray and a copper pipe on the surface of the curved glass cover.

- Emergency waste water drainage.

- Electronic thermostat for temperature control.

- Shielded inner lighting system.

- Lighted power switch.

- Working temperature: -1 ºC, +2