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Vaskemaskin, 10kg, ventil for mopper, LAP-10 TP2 EV Fagor

Profesjonell vaskemaskin med ventil for vask av bla mopper. 26 prog. Tåler hard bruk.

  • G-fagor 450, 1250 o/min
  • Effekt: 6,25kW/3
  • Dim: 680x742x1040
Produktnummer: falap-10tp2ev

ekskl. mva.

- High-spin floating washer extactors. Do not need to be anchored to the floor.
- Tank with 4 detergent compartments.
- 2 standard water inlets.
- Equipped with variable frequency drive (standard 50-60 Hz). Balancing system controlled by the same drive.
- Model with drain valve (V) and model with drain pump (P).
- Model with valve specially designed for washing mops.
- Includes leveller feet.
- CE and WRAS product certifications

- Double drain (only valve model).
- Drain pump kit.
- Drain normally closed “NC”. In case of power failure, the water stays inside the tank.
- 6 extra signals for dosing: a total of up to 14 available.
- Silicone door seal.
- Door with opposite opening.
- Delayed door opening, in case of power failure.
- Unit in AISI 304 stainless steel.
- Plinth that facilitates access to the machine.
- Special mop plinth (with filter) - valve models only.
- Plinth and water recovery tank.
- Kits for self-service: Pay station, token mechanism, coin mechanism.
- Voltage 110 1N 50/60 Hz. Voltage 440 3~ (No N) 50/60 Hz.- Conectivity.